A healthcare advocate is a trained consultant with experience in the healthcare sector who helps people navigate the healthcare system and remove obstacles so they gain timely access to medical services or health related support and receive better care.

A healthcare advocate provides guidance on an individual level by:

  • Informing clients about the healthcare benefits relevant to them
  • Planning for lifecycle events
  • Preparing for unforeseen circumstances
  • Facilitating important decision making processes by ensuring the client:
    • understands their medical options
    • asks medical professionals the correct questions
    • is equipped to determine the next steps

In some cases a healthcare advocate intervenes on a client’s behalf to:

  • Clarify information, or resolve confusion
  • Arrange and organize the provision of medical or support services
  • Improve the timeliness or quality of services

Each case is unique in the extent of these services necessary. These services may be provided over the phone or in person. If the circumstances dictate the necessity, a healthcare advocate may accompany a client to appointments, or during hospitalization.

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